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It rly weirds me out to see Australians isolating America for its racist douchebaggery when it’s p much literally accepted in aus society to be racist like there’s literally not one day i go without hearing something really startlingly racist and disgusting from…

i’d just like to add that we’re under similar circumstances in canada; we get paraded as this multicultural wonderland yet the atrocities towards native people in canada are numerous; most recently: alberta’s sexual sterilization act (repealed in 1972), the residential school system (the last school was closed in 1996), and the ongoing reserve system which effectively works to segregate the vast majority of native people where they often live in poor conditions in isolated areas. apartheid in south africa was modeled after the reservation system in canada.

most canadians are unaware of these events and are generally awful towards native people, so i totally understand how you feel when people deride america for its attitude yet exemplify the same awful attitude towards another group of people.

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Sometimes I look up at the moon and think

Dame Judi Dench plays Dungeons & Dragons

She was introduced to the game by Vin Diesel on the set of Chronicles of Riddick

And now she DMs for her granddaughter

This is our world

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[shinji enters eva unit-01]

shinji: im in me mum’s car

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